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Maintenance Engineer Salaries

At RJN Engineering Selection we recruit maintenance engineers for permanent positions in the Midlands region and regularly monitor average salaries to advise hiring managers and job seekers. The average maintenance engineer salaries in some of the major towns and cities we work in are currently:


  • Birmingham - £41,089 (based on 286 advertised jobs)

  • Coventry - £38,217 (based on 99 advertised jobs)

  • Stoke-on-Trent - £38,899 (based on 78 advertised jobs)

  • Wolverhampton - £43,419 (based on 42 advertised jobs)

  • Telford - £41,736 (based on 67 advertised jobs)


The national average is currently £40,424. Although these jobs can include positions such as building maintenance they do give a good indication of the rate employers need to be looking at paying to attract good candidates before taking into consideration shift allowances, benefits, bonuses etc.


Source: correct as of August 2023


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