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Handling Counter Offers

You have found a new job, they money is better, it looks like a great place to work, you tell your current employer and they come back with a counter offer. Do you stay or go?

Here are a few points to consider:


Was it just about the money and if your current employer is going to match your new offer are you happy to stay? If that is the case then why didn’t they appreciate you before. All companies should be aware of the market rate, if they can afford to pay more now then why not before?

Other reasons for leaving

Shift patterns, working conditions, opportunities for progression and relationships with managers and co-workers are common reasons for looking for a new job, does the counter offer address these issues?

Compare the offers

If your current employer has listened to your reasons for wanting to leave and these can be addressed would you be better staying or is it too little too late? Is the new employer really offering a better opportunity? Speak to your recruitment consultant, get as much advice and information as possible, you don’t want to regret your decision after a couple of months.

Be polite and professional

Whatever you decide you don’t want to burn bridges, if you do decide to stay explain the reasons to the new company or they could think you used them to get a better offer. If you are leaving go on good terms, politely decline the counter offer and explain your reasons for doing so.

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