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How to Resign

If you have found a new job while still in employment resigning can be a difficult and stressful experience. Reasons for leaving can vary, you may feel undervalued, underpaid, over worked, it could be a unpleasant environment to work in, there could be problems with managers or colleagues or it could be that you just found a more suitable opportunity. But whatever the reason resigning professionally and gracefully is essential, especially in a close-knit industry where gaining a bad reputation can harm your future prospects.

Comply with your contract

Check the terms of your contract to see how much notice you need to give and inform your new employer of the earliest date you can start.

Receive an official offer in writing

Before handing in your notice make sure you do have an official offer and any checks such as references which the offer could depend on have been completed.

Resign face to face

Although employers will request your notice in writing it is common courtesy to inform your line manager in person first.


Be honest but positive

Explain your reasons for leaving but avoid being too critical, for example you have found a better or more suitable opportunity or you feel unable to work in that environment any longer instead of criticising the company.


Work hard until you leave

In some cases you will be put on garden leave for the duration of your notice period but if you are working it is important to carry on as before to maintain a good relationship with your colleagues and employer. You may also be asked to train another employee or new starter to do your job.

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