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Save time and money on recruitment, reduce downtime, increase productivity

We understand how difficult finding suitable candidates can be and how an understaffed engineering team can affect your business. Our clients demand the best engineers to stay productive and that’s why they choose us to gain an advantage over their competitors. With over 16 years’ experience in industrial maintenance recruitment, working with employers in the Midlands region with requirements from one off hires to building teams, no one is better placed to match candidates to your exact requirements.

Why us

Solution focused - we don't just look to fill vacancies, we know how detrimental leaving these roles unfilled or hiring the wrong staff can be and work with you to find the talent to improve your maintenance operations and productivity. We want to help you retain the best engineers and focus on qualities that increase loyalty and lower turnover

Partnerships - we look to build long term partnerships and truly understand your business, we constantly develop pipelines of talent so we can help immediately should an engineer leave or your team grows

Expertise - we understand the skills and attributes required but we also know the importance of selecting the right people to fit into your team and work with you to identify your exact requirements. In a candidate short market we can advise on current conditions, candidate expectations and industry trends and develop suitable hiring strategies

Cost saving - we can identify suitable candidates quickly to ensure you have the right engineers in place on time, reducing time to hire and saving on the costs associated with downtime. We are clear about our costs and work to set fees instead of percentages to show the work we do on your behalf and the value we can bring to your business

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