Interview Advice

A few tips for preparing for an interview include:




Find out as much as possible about the company and the position from the recruitment consultant. Ask for a job description and the company's web site address, this will usually contain information such as the company's history, what they actually do, how many staff, where are their locations, news etc. A quick search on Google can bring up other information such as financial reports, news articles, customer reviews etc. and check out their social networking sites which often employee's profiles and other information.

As well as researching the company, take a look at their market, who are their competitors, are there any recent issues which could affect their business.

Make sure you know who will be conducting the interview and what their role is in the company, find out what format the interview will take, will you have to present? are there any tests? How long should the interview last?




Find out exactly where you are going. Check the route, how long will it take and is there likely to be any traffic problems. Find out about parking or bus / train times, taxis etc.

Do you have appropriate clothing for an interview? Is it clean, ironed etc? Remember first impressions last so you need to look the part.


Prepare Answers:


The interviewer will ask about your previous roles, what your duties were, what challenges did you face, what were your achievements and why did you leave? Think about what questions you are likely to be asked and prepare honest answers, try not to talk negatively about previous job roles or employers, focus on the positives and how your experiences will benefit your potential new employer.

Prepare Questions:


Most interviewers will ask you what questions you have so always prepare a list usually at least 10 as some may be covered before you have chance to ask them. Avoid any obvious questions such as 'what do you manufacture?' or 'who are your customers'. Avoid questions about pay, holidays, bonuses, overtime and especially sick pay, at least until the end of the interview. Ask about the job role, who would you be working with, the culture within the company, interaction with other departments, company's plans for the future etc.

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