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Choosing a Recruitment Agency

With so many recruiters active on job boards and social media sites it can be difficult to know which ones to work with. Not only are you trusting them to find the best opportunities but also to help manage the process from applying to interviews, offers, negotiating packages to commencing employment and often beyond. So it is important to consider: 


Are they specialist – do they recruit for the jobs you want in your industry and location, do they specialise in permanent or contract employment 

Are they reputable – an agency who is a member of a recognised trade organisation such as the REC will have to adhere to their codes and conduct and complete compliance tests. Sites such as linkedin will provide information about the company and its consultants. 

Do they understand you – a good recruiter should be asking in depth questions about your experience, abilities and exactly what you are looking for, do they really know what your job involves and can they find the right opportunities. 


Are they supportive – what help can they provide with preparing cvs, providing information about the company, performing in interviews, can they provide the right advice to help you through the process. 

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