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Moving From Contract To Permanent Employment

Contract work is a popular option for engineers and for employers who need staff for shutdowns, short term projects or to cover sickness and other staffing gaps.  While a large number of engineers will see contracting as a long term career there are many who will look to return to permanent employment and it is important to consider the pros and cons.




Contractors will earn more per hour and can claim expenses back against tax. However, there could be gaps between contracts. A permanent salary may be less but will include holiday pay and often sick pay and provides security.


Hours / Location


A permanent position will often be based at one site so you will know the distance and time to travel from home and usually with a set shift pattern. Contractors will often have to travel, sometimes staying away from home and working unsociable hours to fit in with the needs of the company.




In permanent employment there can often be opportunities for promotion and for obtaining further training and qualifications paid for by the employer.


At RJN Engineering Selection we specialise in recruiting for permanent engineering positions and regularly support contractors looking to return to permanent employment. If you want to discuss what options could be best for you call us on 01785 749485

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