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CV Writing Tips

How to Write: 

  • Keep to 2 or 3 pages in length 

  • Use a clear font, a size that’s easily readable but not too large 

  • Use bold and underline for section headings 

  • Use bullet points where possible e.g. listing qualifications or duties  


What to Include: 

  • Full name 

  • Location 

  • Contact details – phone numbers, email address, preferred method of contact 

  • Linkedin profile - if you have one and if it is up to date 

  • Summary – a brief paragraph highlighting your experience, skills and achievements, can also use bullet points for listing key skills 

  • Employment history – starting with current / most recent employment, include duties, achievements, equipment worked on, dates of employment and dates of any promotions. 

  • Training and Education – starting with highest qualification, briefly list vocational and academic qualifications obtained, dates and any relevant training 



What not to Include: 

  • Personal information – there is no need to include date of birth, marital status, ethnicity, religion or anything that could be used to discriminate. Although illegal, sadly some recruiters and employers still do. Even full home address is not essential at this stage, town or suburb will do.  

  • References – these should only be provided if an employer is making an offer 

  • Hobbies and interests – these can be included if you have something relevant or important such as sporting achievements or voluntary work but listing every day activities such as socialising, going to the gym, reading etc will not make you stand out. 



Other Tips: 

  • Language, spelling and grammar – use professional language and positive words, keep checking the spelling and grammar. 

  • Tailor the cv for each application – some skills and experiences may be more relevant for some jobs so make sure this is emphasised 

  • Explain any gaps – it could be illness, travelling, caring, unemployment or just taking a break, don’t leave any gaps unexplained 

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