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Maintenance Engineer Interview Questions

Some examples of questions to ask maintenance engineers in interviews: 


In percentages, how would you describe your skills split? 

Purpose: to determine if they do have the required technical skills 

Good Answers: an honest appraisal of their skill set and evidence to back this up, for example what training and experience in mechanical engineering does an electrically biased engineer have, what equipment have they worked on. 

Bad Answers:  being vague and providing answers that do not match their cv, unable to provide specific examples or unable to answer technical questions about equipment they would be working on. 

Outcome: have they demonstrated the experience and ability to do the job, are there areas where they would need further training  


How have you resolved difficult situations with colleagues? 

Purpose: how do they cope with dealing with different stakeholders and how they deal with conflict and difficult situations. 

Good Answers: examples of challenges they have faced such as different opinions with other engineers, issues with production, suppliers etc and how they have reached successful outcomes. 

Bad Answers: negativity, arrogance, blaming others, unable to provide examples of successful outcomes. 

Outcome: can they demonstrate the ability to deal with different people, can they explain technical issues to non technical people, are they a good communicator. 


Can you describe a specific problem you have fixed in challenging circumstances 

Purpose: to check their problem solving and diagnostic skills and ability to adapt to different situations 

Good Answers: clear examples using the STAR method (Situation, Task, Action and Result) to describe an urgent or critical problem and how this can relate to the vacancy. Being able to show how they used their own initiative 

Bad Answers: unable to provide a clear answer, describing a routine maintenance activity  

Outcome: do they have the knowledge, skills and initiative required, can they take the lead on urgent or challenging problems 


What were your biggest achievements at your current or previous employer? 


Purpose: what value they can add to the business 


Good Answers: examples of helping colleagues, implementing improvements, solving complex problems 


Bad Answers: anything that could be considered part of their regular duties, exaggerating or taking credit for other peoples’ work 

Outcome: what contributions they can make to the business, can they go above and beyond their regular duties

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