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Recruiting Gen Z Engineers

The Gen Z age range is considered to be those born between 1997 - 2012, with the oldest now turning 27 they are making up an increasingly larger percentage of the workforce. Attracting the brightest and best from this generation can be different from previous generations, some things to consider when recruiting:

Company Brand

This is a generation brought up with the internet, they will be looking for strong online presence, website, social media pages, reviews etc. Also looking at the company's values, commitment to environmental and social issues etc.


Gen Z are used to scrolling through information until they find something that engages them. Adverts need to stand out, be concise and grab their attention. 

Work / Life Balance

Gen Z are looking for flexibility, many entering engineering will understand the requirement to work shifts and unsociable hours and working from home is not an option, but they prioritise mental and physical well being and will expect benefits such as decent holiday allowances, company social activities, gym membership, healthcare etc.

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