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engineering recruitment


The success of any business depends on their employees, with the skills shortages in engineering and the shrinking labour market being able to attract, recruit and retain the best talent is more essential than ever. So when it comes to choosing a recruitment partner it is vital to get it right first time. 


What to consider: 


  • Specialism – there are many generalist agencies covering local areas who can be ideal for filling unskilled jobs, particularly temporary positions, but may lack the knowledge when it comes to more technical roles. If you are looking to fill a maintenance engineer role, an engineering recruitment agency would be ideal, but this is such a broad sector and do they have experience in recruiting for similar positions in your industry. 

  • Credibility – the recruitment industry in the UK is huge with estimated figures of around 30,000 agencies and with low barriers to entry not all will be reputable. Consider if the agency is a member of a trade body such as the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) and check social media sites for information on the company and their consultants. 

  • Cultural Fit – you are trusting a recruiter to speak to potential candidates on your behalf so look for a partner who shares your values, are they honest and open, do they have the same commitment to diversity and inclusivity. Do they really understand your company and not just the job they are working on. 

  • Fees and Terms – some agencies may offer very low fees but often there is a reason for this and if they cannot fill the vacancy then what is the point? Whether a recruitment partner is working on a retained or contingency basis they are spending a lot of time, money, resources and using their expertise to help you find the best possible candidates which can mean saving a lot more compared to leaving a position unfilled. Recruiters should be clear about their fees and the value they can provide.

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