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Retaining Maintenance Engineers

In this challenging financial climate companies of all sizes are looking to keep their costs as low as possible including avoidable costs such as replacing employees. With the skills shortages in engineering being able to recruit and retain the best people is particularly vital.

Some steps to take to prevent engineers leaving include:

Get it right first time

Reducing staff turnover starts with hiring the right engineers in the first place. This means clearly defining the role and the kind of person you need in terms of skill set and cultural fit and having the recruitment process in place.


Pay and benefits


Competitive basic salaries, bonuses, shift allowances and benefits such as holidays, pension, healthcare, vouchers etc are essential to attracting and retaining employees.

Recognition and incentives

Finding ways to motivate and encourage employees can help develop feelings of belonging and commitment to the company. For example, giving engineers the opportunity to lead projects, take on extra responsibilities or contribute to decisions about equipment or processes and providing recognition for achievements such as bonuses or awards.



Not all employers can offer career paths leading to team leader or management roles, in smaller companies there may only be one engineer but should still be able to provide opportunities for further training and development.



Employees will still leave jobs so exit interviews to understand why are essential to keep turnover as low as possible, this can lead to identifying problems with culture or working conditions.



A good maintenance recruitment consultant will go beyond sending candidates for a vacancy. They will be able to provide advice on why engineers are leaving jobs, what they are looking for and what other companies are doing and advise on recruitment processes and retention strategies.

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