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engineering recruitment


Along with the technical skills and knowledge required for a service engineer position there are soft skills which are vital for the job and must be considered during the recruitment process.


Often based from home and working alone being able to motivate themselves with minimal supervision is an essential trait. Staying motivated when travelling long distances or dealing with difficult customers can be challenging.



A service engineer must be capable of communicating with customers at all levels and with varying degrees of technical knowledge, they must be able to handle difficult customers, clearly explain problems and solutions and provide advice and support. Non verbal communication such as body language is important when they are representing your company.



They must be capable of looking after tools, equipment and their vehicle, planning their time and ensuring all documentation and records are completed.



Creativity is one of the most important skills for any engineer but when faced with complex problems or difficult customers and having to work to a strict schedule the ability to think outside the box and come up with creative solutions is vital.

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