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engineering recruitment


In a candidate short job market writing an advert that stands out and attracts the best candidates is essential. An advert has to grab the attention and tell the job seeker why this is the right opportunity for them instead of a list of duties and what qualifications they need.

This isnt a job description, it should not be too long but contain enough information. When writing an advert aim it at the reader, always use ‘You’, this is why you should be interested, this is what you will be earning. 

What to include:

Job Title – keep it short and accurate 

Location – give the exact town, city or area of a larger city, if its field based what area they will cover and if based from home where ideally they should live 

Salary – always include the salary, even if it is negotiable include the range 

Hours – start and finish times and the shift patterns

Sell the Opportunity – before they read about what the job involves tell them why they should be interested, whats great about this company and this job, what opportunities are there, what are the benefits 

Introduction – briefly describe the industry, the environment and the purpose of the job 

Duties – a few lines outlining the main duties and responsibilities 

About Them – what will they need to do this job, what qualifications, skills and experience are essential and what is desirable 


Call to Action – how to apply, who to contact, encourage them to apply straight away ‘immediate interviews’ or ‘closing date at the end of the week’ 

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